No One Lives Forever

 No One Lives Forever saved game 100%

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– No One Lives Forever Save Game / The Operative: No One Lives Forever savegame
– Platform: PC
– Status: 100%

savegame 100% description

 Travel across the globe in this award winning action shooter set in the swinging sixties. Your Mission: Assume the role of Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly Operative working for UNITY – a super secret organization fighting to free the world from the clutches of H.A.R.M. From tense subterfuge to in-your-face combat, NOLF ups the ante for plot-driven, 1960’s-influenced spy action with killer weapons, vivid international locales and deadly arch villains. Equipped with an arsenal of powerful weapons and ingenious gadgets, you must unravel a mystery that will lead you halfway around the world in a desperate search for answers. Includes four new levels featuring Cate in her younger days as a thief. [Sierra]

savegame install folder

How to install the save game ? (savegame location/folder ?)

1. extract the .zip archive
2. copy savegame files

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