Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard

Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard pc savegame all missions unlocked full

save game & unlocker for PC full

– Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard – Save Game
– Platform: PC
– Status:  unlock all available campaigns in the single player screen

PC games all missions unlocked download free

Cultures 2 is more than just a part 2. It is a completely new story. Hero Bjorn and his brave Vikings are still the focus but they have to face numerous new challenges. Their adventures take them to alliances with comrades-in-arms and clashes with enemies. The road to their final destination goes through many tricky situations. While the action in the first part took mainly place on the American continent, in part two the Vikings will cover half of Europe and the Middle-East. [JoWood Productions]

saved game installation where to copy savegame PC location

How to install the savegame ? (save game location/folder ?)

1. Extract the .zip archive
2. Copy savegame files to => <Game directory>\saves\singleplayer

replace <Game directory> by your game directory, example
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cultures 2\saves\singleplayer

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