Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV savegame -  Street Fighter 4 unlocker

save game pc information

– Street Fighter IV Save Game / Street Fighter 4 unlocker
– Platform: PC
– Status: 100%

savegame 100% description

At the completion of the second World Warrior Tournament, the Shadaloo crime syndicate was left in ruins, its grandmasters defeated and scattered to the winds. Now, the mysterious Seth, CEO of the S.I.N. Corporation, has set up yet another tournament and invited a blend of old friends and new faces to battle again for the title of the world’s strongest. With 25 characters (including the original 12 street fighters), a blend of 2D and 3D graphics, and the new focus-attack system, Street Fighter has returned with a vengeance

savegame install folder

for active the save you need to go on C:\Users\”Nickname”\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive and replace ALL ! this is an hidden folder don’t forget.

and need to copy the save in :

Documents\CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV\C:\Users\Zouiguipopo\Documents\CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV\e00003ba40389c1b With th save.dat

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