Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary pc savegame 100% complete

save game & unlocker for PC full

– Fable Anniversary Save Game
– Platform: PC
– Status: 80 % (Snowspire Village)

PC games all missions unlocked download free

Fully re-mastered with HD visuals and audio, Fable Anniversary is a stunning rendition of the original game that will delight faithful fans and new players alike!

List of chapters and missions unlocked: Birthday Gift, Melee Combat Test, Guild Training, Wasp Menace, Maze’s Information, Protect Orchard Farm / Attack Orchard Farm,Trader Escort Maze’s New Information Find the Bandit Seeress Maze’s Request Find the Archaeologist,White Balverine,The Arena,Finding Theresa Again,Rescue the Archaeologist The Graveyard Path Rescue Scarlet Robe Prison EscapeGateway to Hook Coast,Return to Hook Coast,Try to Stop Jack of Blades, Battle Jack of Blades.
The Prophets of the Fire Heart The Ransom Victim. The Ship of the Drowned, The Hidden Sword The Oracle of Snowspire. To Unlock:  The Oracle’s Knowledge The Souls of Heroes, Killing Thunder, Collecting an Arena Soul,Killing Briar Rose Collecting Your Mother’s Soul, Killing the Guildmaster
Collecting Nostro’s Soul, The Final Battle

saved game installation where to copy savegame PC location

How to install the savegame ? (save game location/folder ?)

1. Extract the .zip archive
2. Copy savegame files to =>  Documents\My Games\FableHD\Saves

download complete savegame full 100/% free


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