Battlestrike Force Of Resistance 2

Battlestrike Force Of Resistance 2 pc save game full all missions unlocked

save game & unlocker for PC full

– Royal Marines Commando / Battlestrike Force of Resistance 2 Save Game
– Platform: PC
– Status: 100%

PC games all missions unlocked download free

Royal Marines Commando-Eight demanding missions in diversified locations ? France, Libia, Norway with various and dangerous enemy; Wehrmacht soldiers, Gestapo officers, and Italian snipers
RMC-True-to-Life soldiers act in groups and actively respond to player?s instructions using largest collection of WWII authentic weaponry: Thompson machine gun, Lee-Enfield Mk. III rifle, MP 40, Flammenwerfer 35 flame-thrower, Panzerfaust or Luger P08
BFOR II-Eight separate missions ? utilize sabotage tactics, take or free prisoners, steal secret documents from a heavily-guarded German base with realistic artificial intelligence ? enemy reacts dynamically to the player’s actions
BFOR II-A covert firing system allows for ?blind fire? from behind walls or low obstacles; add the tactical element of ?bullet penetration?- shoot enemies, or be shot through thin walls
Modified JupiterEX Engine delivers astonishing graphics that immerses the player in a realistic world of stunning detail, dynamic lighting and breathtaking effects

saved game installation where to copy savegame PC location

How to install the savegame ? (save game location / folder ?)

1. Extract the .zip archive
2. Copy savegame files to => Documents\City Interactive\Battlestrike Force Of Resistance 2

download complete savegame full 100/% free



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