Battlefield Hardline


save game & unlocker for PC full

– Battlefield Hardline Save Game
– Platform: PC
– Status: 100% (– Character Level: 15 – Difficalty: Officer – Episodes Done: 10 of 10 – Evidence Found: 71 of 71 – Suspects: 21 of 21 – Expert Score: 130k – Availible New Dificulty Level: HARDLINE)

PC games all missions unlocked download free

Run your crew as detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player campaign or as cops and criminals in rapid Battlefield multi-player. You will be on one side of the thin blue line or the other. Assume control using new tactics to gather intelligence, obtain warrants and takedown with non-lethal force to effectuate the arrests. Take the cash in a new battlefield playground. New maps and gadgets alter the way you play the game. Utilize grappling hooks and zip-lines to scale city buildings and fly across the city with the cheddar. No matter the strategy, teamwork is key to winning the turf war. Sate your need for speed in new action-packed modes. Hop in exotic muscle cars, sleek crotch rockets or even give your whole crew a lift in transports or armored trucks

saved game installation PC location

1. Extract the .zip archive
2. Copy savegame files to Documents\BFH\settings

Download savegame full 100%



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